Coexpression of KCTD8

Supplement to KCTD8 gene and brain growth in adverse intrauterine environment: a genome-wide association study.
Paus T, Bernard M, Chakravarty MM, Davey Smith G, Gillis J, Lourdusamy A, Melka MG, Leonard G, Pavlidis P, Perron M, Pike GB, Richer L, Schumann G, Timpson N, Toro R, Veillette S, Pausova Z pubmed reprint


The most dramatic growth of the human brain occurs in utero and during the first 2 years of postnatal life. Genesis of the cerebral cortex involves cell proliferation, migration, and apoptosis, all of which may be influenced by prenatal environment. Here, we show that variation in KCTD8 (potassium channel tetramerization domain 8) is associated with brain size in female adolescents (rs716890, P = 5.40 × 10(-09)). Furthermore, we found that the KCTD8 locus interacts with prenatal exposure to maternal cigarette smoking vis-à-vis cortical area and cortical folding: In exposed girls only, the KCTD8 locus explains up to 21% of variance. Using head circumference as a proxy of brain size at 7 years of age, we have replicated this gene-environment interaction in an independent sample. We speculate that KCTD8 might modulate adverse effects of smoking during pregnancy on brain development via apoptosis triggered by low intracellular levels of potassium, possibly reducing the number of progenitor cells.



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Expression Experiment ID Numbers: Experiment Names:
1188 GSE13044
1426 GSE13302
1665 GSE11222
2570 GSE20620
2155 GSE21446
1502 GSE4679
2145 GSE18503
2355 GSE20398
1208 GSE7759
2709 GSE5324
2707 GSE6595
142 GSE1479
2110 GSE6487
2704 GSE9563
2705 GSE6916
2708 GSE5671
2713 GSE8091
2712 GSE3653
2711 GSE3822


The fetal coexpression data for Kctd8 is given by a score for each gene (higher, more highly coexpressed) between 0 and 1:


Fetal coexpression for kctd8 (genes are shown in order of decreasing coexpression, scores are relative ranks)

Gene subnetwork shown (of genes coexpressed with KCTD8)

Human Fetal Brain GO enrichment for KCTD8 (relative to enrichment for each other gene)