Master and Doctoral Theses from Foster Lab in PDF documents

Quennie Chan (2010)
   Proteomic Analysis of Apis Mellifera Larval Immune Response Against Paenibacillus Larvae
Lindsay Rogers (2010)
   Proteomic Analysis of Salmonella-Host Interactions Reveals Novel Host Targets of SPOB
Mandy Chan (2012)
   Development and Application of Honey Bee In Vitro Systems
Emma Zheng (2012)
   Dynamic Composition of Membrane Microdomains
Yuan Fang (2012)
   A novel pathway to sequester ASC at mitochondria-associated membranes dampens inflammasome activation during early Salmonella infection
Sarah Natrasany (2013)
   Analysis of the Host-Pathogen Proteomics of Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus in the Honey Bee Using Mass Spectrometry
Mimi Brown (2013)
   Proteomic analysis of a dynamic Salmonella-host interactome