Outreach Activities

Bee IPM – Outreach Activities

BCHPA Semi-Annual Meeting and Educational Conference, Kamloops, BC, March 2014. (Agenda PDF)
• Natural Defenses of Bees against Infection. An animation on VSH was presented. Guarna MM Movie
• Update on UBC research. Guarna MM.

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Manitoba Beekeepers Association Meeting, Winnipeg, BC, February 2014.
• University of Manitoba: Honey Bee Research Update. Currie R.

Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development and Alberta Beekeepers Commission, Edmonton, AB, January 2014.
• Varroa Population Dynamics: Impacts of Breeding and Treatments Thresholds. Currie R.

Bee Masters Short Course in Beekeeping, Vancouver, BC, February 2014. (Program PDF)
• Bee Research in the Genome Era. Foster LJ.
• The immune system of bees: from RNAi to VSH. Guarna MM.
• Nosemosis in Honey Bees: From Laboratory to the Field. Van Haga A.
• The Future of Selective Breeding in Bees. Foster LJ.
• The Impact on Viruses on Honey Bee Health. Van Haga A.
• Bee Pathogen Levels & Hygienic Behavior in W. Canada. Hoover SER.
• Effects of Environmental Changes on Bees. Hoover SER.
• Queen Selection and Genetic Diversity. Higo HA.
• Trait Assessments for Hygienic Behavior & VSH. Higo HA.
• AFB Diagnosis and Management. Pernal SF.
• The Biology and Control of Nosemosis. Pernal SF.

Farming Smarter, Lethbridge AB, December 2013.
• Healthy Bees: Healthy Agriculture. Hoover SER.
Langley Bee Club, Langley, BC, November 2013.
• Bee IPM Project Update. Guarna, MM.

Saskatchewan Beekeepers’ Association Annual General Meeting, Waskesiu, SK, November 2013.
• The BeeIPM project: advances in disease and mite resistance using marker-assisted selection. Pernal SF, Ibrahim A, Hoover SER, Currie RW, Higo HA, Huxter HA, Guarna MM, Foster LJ.
Beekeepers Commission of Alberta Annual Meeting, Edmonton, AB, November 2013.
• Update on the Bee IPM Project. Pernal SF, Hoover SER, Ibrahim A, Currie R.
• Parasite and pathogen loads of honey bee colonies in western Canada: impacts on honey production and colony loss. Hoover SER, Pernal SF, Ibrahim A, Currie R.
BCHPA Annual General Meeting, Kelowna, October, 2013. (Program PDF)
• UBC Research Program. Foster LJ.
Insect Day, Birds of Prey Centre, Coaldale, AB, Summer 2013
• Bees! Hoover SER.
Workshop in Eastern Apiculture Society Meeting, West Chester University, Pennsylvania, August 2013.
• Interactive brainswarming: building better bees. Lee K, Currie R, Pettis J.
AAFC Beaverlodge Research Farm, Beaverlodge, AB, June 2013.
• Short Course for GPRC beekeeping technician trainees on molecular testing of bee diseases, acaricide resistance testing, VSH determinations, AFB detection and control. Pernal SF, Ibrahim A, Peirson M, Masson A, Wolf-Viega P, Castillo C.
60th Beaverlodge Beekeepers’ Field Day, Beaverlodge, AB, June 2013.
• Sixty years of field days in Beaverlodge. Pernal SF.
• Update on the Bee IPM Project. Ibrahim A, Hoover SER.
• Introduction to beekeeping. Ibrahim A.
North American Beekeeping Conference, Hershey, PA, January 2013.
• Developing new tools for selecting disease and mite resistant bees: An update on the Bee IPM project. Pernal SF.
BCHPA Semi-Annual Meeting and Educational Conference, Kamloops, BC. March 2013.
• Wintering Nucleus Colonies in Southern BC. Huxter E.
• Update on the Bee IPM project. Higo HA.
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association AGM, Nipawin, SK, March 2013.
• Effects of Environmental Change on Plant-Pollinator Relationships. Hoover SH.
• AFB resistance of selected stocks: results from the first generation of the Bee IPM project. Hoover SH.
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association annual convention, Saskatoon, SK, November 2012.
• VSH: Types of Behavior, Tests for, Benefits and Caveats, Visual Clues. Huxter E.
• Terry’s Honey Farm and Kettle Valley Queens, Grand Forks, BC. Huxter E.
Innovation in Apiculture: BCHPA Annual General Meeting and Educational Conference, Kamloops, BC, November 2012.
• Integrated pest management tools for beekeeping: Year 2 update on breeding progress. Pernal SF.
Beekeepers Commission of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, November 2012.
• Next Generation IPM for Beekeeping Project: Selection Progress and Plans for 2013. Ibrahim A.
Alberta Beekeepers Commission Annual Meeting, Edmonton, AB, November 2012.
• AFB resistance of selected stocks: Results of the first generation of the Bee-IPM program. Hoover SER
Langley Beekeepers Club Symposium, Langley, BC, September 2012.
• Next Generation Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping. Higo HA.
• Honey bee pathogens in western Canada 2011-2012 – BEE IPM Survey. Hoover SER.
Ontario Beekeepers Association: Blueberry Pollination Workshop. Thunder Bay, Ontario, September 2012.
• The challenges of keeping bees for pollination in Northern Climates. Currie RW.
UBC Liu Institute for Global Issues, Vancouver, BC, July 2012.
• Things With Wings. An evening highlighting pollination and bees through art, science, and community initiatives. Van Haga A.


AAFC Beaverlodge Research Farm, June 2012.
• GPRC beekeeping short course on molecular testing of bee diseases. Pernal SF, Hoover SER, Ibrahim A, Masson A, Wolfe-Viega P.


59th Beaverlodge Beekeepers’ Field Day, Beaverlodge, AB, June 2012.

• Update on Beaverlodge Nosema research. Ibrahim A.
• Instrumental Insemination of honey bee queens (demonstration); Update on the Bee IPM Project: Pathogen status in western Canada (lecture). Hoover SER.


Manitoba Beekeepers Field Day, Anola, MB, June 2012.

• Update on Genome Canada Project and Acaracide Screening Research at the University of Manitoba. Currie RW.


Dunbar Salmonberry Days, Vancouver, BC, May 2012.

• Effects of pesticides on bees and an introduction of the current bee research at UBC. “Queen of the Sun” documentary screening. Van Haga A.


Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council, Portage La Prairie, March 2012.

• Impact and control of honey bee parasites and the diseases they vector. Currie RW, Lafrenière R.


Bee Masters Short Course in Beekeeping, Vancouver, BC, February 2012.

• Novel Therapies for Fungal Pathogens. Van Haga A.

• Bee Genome Project Update; The danger of premature scientific claims. Foster LJ.

• Development of RNA interference as a new IPM tool. Guarna MM.

• Queen Selection & Genetic Diversity; Trait Assessments & Selection of Hygienic Stock. Higo H.

• Bee Nutrition & Supplemental Feeding, Integrated Management of Varroa Mites, Winter Preparation & Spring Splitting. Currie RW.

• Residues in Honey and Hive Products; Pernal SF. Management and Control of American Foulbrood Disease; The Biology and control of Nosema. Pernal SF.

• Bee Survey of Western Canada – Pathogens and Hygienic Behaviour; Environmental Change and Bees. Hoover SER.


BCHPA Lab tour and demonstrations, Vancouver, BC, October 2011. Guarna MM, Chan MMY, Natrasany S, Foster LJ.


Cranberry field day, Richmond, BC, August 2011.

• Research Display demonstrating laboratory activities and the ‘Integrated Pest Management for Beekeeping’ project. Guarna MM, Chan MMY, Natrasany S.


Lethbridge Hybrid Canola Pollination Tour, July 2011.

• Research Activities at Beaverlodge Research Farm. Melathopoulos AP, Pernal SF.


Workshop on Measuring Varroa Resistant Traits, Duncan, BC, July 2011.

• Next-generation Integrated Pest Management tools for beekeeping (BeeIPM). Pernal SF, Melathopoulos AP, Guarna MM, Foster LJ.

• Evaluating Varroa Sensitve Hygiene in Honey Bee Colonies. Pernal SF.


BC Bee Breeders’ Association – Beekeeping and Microscope Use Workshop, Duncan, BC, July 2011.

• Measures of Varroa Mite Resistance. Huxter E.


Manitoba Beekeepers Field Day, Glenlea, MB, June 2011.

• Comb sterilization to control viruses and update on current research at U. of M.; The impact of viruses on colonies and their management with RNAi. Currie RW.


58th Annual Beaverlodge Beekeepers’ Field Day, Beaverlodge, AB, June 2011.

• Update on AAFC-UBC APIS Project. Melathopoulos AP, Pernal SF.

• Next Generation IPM Tools for Beekeeping – Activities and Plans. Pernal SF, Melathopoulos AP.


Field Day, Harrop, BC, June 2011.

• Demonstration of how to work a hive and how to assess hives for strength and disease. Huxter E.