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Farm TV December 24, 2013 Bee Research at Lethbridge Research Centre


Western Producer December 12, 2013 Experts see viruses not usually found in leafcutter bees


Western Producer October 31, 2013 Varroa mite control for bees remains years away


Western Producer October 31, 2013 Research promising, but needs work


Guelph Mercury October 25, 2013 Guelph gathering delves into progress in pollinator research


Western Producer August 15, 2013 Honeybees play role in boosting canola yields


CBC News September 9, 2013. Huge honey bee losses across Canada dash hopes of upturn


CTV Morning Live Program (Winnipeg) August 2013 Description: The Department of Entomology at the University of Manitoba featured as the live remote for “CTV’s Morning Live”. Lisa Babey of Currie’s Lab from the Bee IPM project demonstrated VSH behaviour testing.


Capilano Courier April 10, 2013 Beauty and the Bees



APiS UK October 14, 2012 Research – Proteins and varroa German October 5, 2012. HygienemaBnahmen im Bienenkorb


One News Page October 4, 2012. Honey bees fight back against Varroa


SeedDaily October 4, 2012. Honey bees fight back against Varroa


Summit County Citizen Voice October 3, 2012. Housekeeping could help honeybees fight destructive mites October 3, 2012. Varroa mite wreaks havoc in Swiss bee colonies


Dadant October 2, 2012. Honey bees fight back against Varroa


Interactive Web September 28, 2012. Correlation of proteome-wide changes with social immunity behaviors…


Anchors of Reason September 28, 2012. Honey bees fight back against Varroa


ScienceDaily September 26, 2012. Honey Bees Fight Back Against Varroa


PhysOrg September 27, 2012. Honey bees fight against Varroa


The Conversation September 28, 2012. Honey bees exile mite-infested larvae


WP.PL Polish October 1, 2012. Pszczoly, sprzatajac, chronia kolonie


ApiNews English September 28, 2012. Canada – Found proteins that helps honey bees in their fight against varroa


ApiNews Spanish 28 de Septiembre de 2012. Canada – Descubren proteinas que ayudan las abejas meliferas en su lucha contra la varroa


Beekeepers of Putnam County September 29, 2012. Honey Bees Fight Back


ScienceCodex September 28, 2012. Honey bees fight back against Varroa


Evoscience Bees Fight Back Agaisnt Colony Collapse Disorder: Some Honey Bees Toss Out Varroa Mites


Mieli d’ Italia Italian 28 Settembre 2012. Ricerca. Identificate molecole coinvolte nel meccanismo della “Varroa Sensitive Hygiene”


Quantum Day September 28, 2012. Honey bees adapt and evolve to reduce infection of parasitic mite, Varroa destructor


redOrbit September 28, 2012. Dying honey bees fight colony collapse with resistance genes


ScienceNewsline Biology September 28, 2012. Honey Bees Fight Back Against Varroa


Vancouver Observer August 28, 2012. Buzz kill: discoveries about the health of BC’s bees


The Peace Country Sun June 29, 2012. “Peace Region’s Bee Population Looks Good.”


Grande Prairie Herald Tribune Newspaper June 25, 2012. “Peace Bee Numbers Looking Healthy”


Winnipeg Free Press June 22, 2012, “Treatment for deadly bee virus promising”


Grande Prairie Herald Tribune Newspaper June 21 and 23, 2012. Interview regarding 59th Annual Beekeepers Field Day at Beaverlodge Research Farm and an Update on Causes of Colony Losses in Canada.


Big Country Radio CJXX (Grande Prairie, AB) June 21, 2012. Interview regarding 59th Annual Beekeepers Field Day at Beaverlodge Research Farm and an Update on Causes of Colony Losses. June 13, 2012 Superbees to the rescue


The United Church Observer April, 2012, “The plight of the honeybee. The bee population is plummeting, putting our food supply at risk.”



Canadian Geographic Magazine December 2011. Wildlife Stories of the Year: Honey Bee Health. What’s bothering honey bees. A new centre in Alberta aims to find out.


Trek Online, UBC November 29, 2011, “Plight of the Honey Bee.”


UBYSSEY, October 21, 2011 “UBC lab receives $2 million to research honey bees.”


National Post October 21, 2011, “B.C researchers trying to build a better bee to save species.”


OPENFILE October 28, 2011, “How to save the Bees.”


Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver Beacon October 23, 2011, “Restoring the “Buzz” in honey bee colonies.”


Canadian Manufacturing October 21, 2011, “Getting their buzz back: New project to help protect and revitalize bee populations; the insect critical to North America’s agriculture industry.”


The Vancouver Sun October 21. 2011, “B.C. research could help stem honeybee decline: Study aims to develop virus-resistant bees.”


The Province October 20, 2011, “Buzz worthy B.C. research may create tougher bees.”




CBC TV, Jun 22, 2012, Breakthrough in seen in fighting virus that hits bees.


News1130, Oct 22, 2011, “Researcher hopes to prevent bees from dying off: Hoping they don’t come down with disease.”


Global BC, Oct 20, 2011, “UBC researchers in forefront of bid to halt honeybee decline in B.C.”