Dr. Didier Falconnet
Position: Postdoctoral fellow, 2006-2008
Education:   PhD in Bioengineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland   MSc in Material Sciences at EPF Lausanne, Switzerland
Current Position:   Head of Assay Development, Biocartis, Switzerland

Dr. James Taylor
Position: Doctoral Student, 2004-2009
Education:   PhD. Genetics – Institute for Systems Biology (UBC)   B.A.Sc. Engineering Physics (UBC)
Current position: CEO of Precision Nanosystems, Inc.

Leo Wu
Position: Undergraduate student, Summer 2009

Sarvesh Varmas
Position: Undergraduate Student, Summer 2009

Joshua Barringer
Position: Engineering Technician
B.Sc. – Chemical Engineering (Louisiana Tech Univ., 2005)
M.Sc. – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Clemson Univ., 2008)
Current Position: Technical Writer, Arc’teryx

Tim Leaver, E.I.T.
Position: Engineering Research Technician
Education: B.A.Sc. – Engineering Physics, specialization in Mechatronics (UBC, 2008)
Current Position: Engineer with Precision Nanosystems, Inc.

Mani Hamidi
Position: Masters student
Program: Genome Science & Technology
Current Position: Data Analyst, AbCellera Biologics

David Walker
Position: Research Technician
Education: Honours Biophysics (UBC, 2010)
Current Position: Geological Engineering undergrad, UBC

Adam Quiring
Position: Engineering Research Technician
Education: B.A.Sc. – Engineering Physics (UBC, 2009)
Current Position:  High school Math/Physics teacher

Daniel Lewis
Position: Masters student
Education: M.Sc. 2013, UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering
Current Position: Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy program, Cambridge University

Anupam Singhal
Position: PhD Student
Education: Ph.D. 2012, UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering

Jens Huft
Position: Ph.D. student

Arezoo Alemzadeh Mehrizi
Position: Research Technician
B.Sc.(Hon) – Cell & Molecular Biology (Univ. of Tehran, Iran, 2007)
M.Sc. – Medicine (Cancer & Development (Memorial Univ., 2012)
Current Position: Graduate school, UBC

Adam White
Position: Ph.D. student
B.Sc. – Honours Physics, (UBC, 2007)
M.Sc. – Biomedical Engineering (UBC, 2010)
Ph.D. – Genome Science & Technology (UBC, 2015)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Quake Lab, Stanford University



Position and research in our lab Currently at… Current Website
Bertin Wong, Engineering Research Technician, 2009-2012
Callum Doolin, Undergraduate student, 2010-2011
William Bowden, Co-op & undergraduate student, 2010-2011
Gabrielle Hodgson, Undergraduate student, 2010
Donna Leung, Undergraduate student, 2010
Jeffrey Nguyen, Undergraduate student, 2010
Daniel Da Costa, Co-op & Undergraduate student, 2009-2011  Eng. Technician in the Hansen Lab
Georgia Russell, Co-op student, 2008-2010 Returned to the Hansen Lab to do her MSc.
Francis Viel, Undergraduate student, 2010
Amir Issaei, Undergraduate student, 2009
Paul Kim, Undergraduate student, 2009
Mark Homenuke, Undergraduate 2007-2008, 2010 Graduate student, ETH, Zurich
Paul Lebel, Undergraduate student, 2008 Graduate Student, Stanford University
Thomas McLaughlin, Undergraduate student, 2008-2009
Veronika Sasse, Intern 2008 Undergraduate in Germany
Milenko Despatovic, Undergraduate 2006-2008
Carolina Tropini, Undergraduate student, 2006-2008 Graduate Student, Stanford University
Mousavi Payam, Ph.D. student, 2006-2007 Graduate Student, Simon Fraser University
Andre Wild, Undergraduate Student, 2006-2007 Graduate student, UBC
Julie Chu, Undergraduate student, 2006
Patrick Dong, Undergraduate student, 2005-2006 Graduate Student, UBC
Billy Lau, Undergraduate student, 2005-2006 Graduate student in Bioengineering, Harvard University
Chris Baitz, Undergraduate student, 2005 Staff Scientist, TRIUMF, UBC
Keddie Brown, Undergraduate student, 2005 BC Cancer Agency Technology Development office
Andrew Leung, Undergraduate student, 2005 Working in industry