A dedicated 700 square foot fabrication facility for the prototyping and medium scale production of microfluidic devices using Multilayer Soft Lithography has been constructed next to the lab. This includes full functionality for photolithography and soft polymer processing including:


PDMS Processing

  • 100 square foot class 100,000 enclosure for assembly
  • SCS Parylene LabCoater 2
  • Harrick O2 plasma cleaner
  • CO2 Laser Ablation Tool (custom)
  • SCS GP3 PDMS spin coater
  • Forced Convection Bake Oven
  • (x2) Technical Innovations punch tool
  • (x2) Lieca Z16 APO Monoscope
  • Centrifugal Mixer – ARE-310 Thinky Mixer



Lithography Room

  • 300 square foot class 10,000 clean room
  • Suss MA6 aligner with 4” (contact/proximity) and 6” contact tooling
  • LW405 Laser Mask Writer
  • KLA-TENCOR Alpha-Step IQ Surface Profiler
  • 6’ wet bench with spin coater
  • (x3) Brewer Cee 10 large area (300mm x 300mm) precision hot plates
  • Leica DM2500 inspection microscope with digital camera
  • VWR vacuum/hard-bake oven

This facility was funded through Genome BC, Western Diversification, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, NSERC, CFI and UBC.