Dr. Leonard J. Foster, Director


Cell Biology Proteomics

Our group is interested in a multidisciplinary approach to relevant cell biological problems. We develop and apply quantitative proteomic methods to questions involving organelles and how the composition of these compartments change when antagonized.


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Dr. Jörg Gsponer


Computational Biology of Protein Structure and Interaction

Our group is interested in the mechanism of protein-mediated intracellular signal transduction and how this vital process is affected in neurodegenerative disorders. We develop and apply computational means to determine and analyze (i) the structures of signaling proteins and protein complexes and (ii) the constraints that structural features put on regulation, evolution and interaction of signaling proteins.


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Dr. Carl L. Hansen


Microsystems Tools in Biology

Our research is focused on the development of new microsystems tools for biology and on the validation of these tools in the context of research questions in basic and applied biomedical research. In particular, we are interested in the themes of single cell analysis, genomics, and diagnostics.


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Dr. Martin Hirst



Our lab examines the role of epigenetics in cancer and investigates the therapeutic potential of interventions directed at epigenetic processes. We approach this from an epigenomic perspective by combining innovative molecular biology and computational techniques with genome wide detection platforms.


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Dr. Thibault Mayor


Ubiquitin Proteomics

Using a combination of cell biology and proteomics, our lab is interested in understanding how the cell recognizes misfolded and aggregating proteins to target them for ubiquitylation and proteolysis.


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Dr. Paul Pavlidis


Informatics and Neuroscience

Our group is focused on the development of tools and methods for informatics and their application to problems in neuroscience.


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Dr. Stephen G. Withers

Chemical Biology: Directed Evolution and Inhibitor Screening

The Withers laboratory brings the tools of organic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology to bear on the identification, development and evolution of novel biocatalysts, as well as on the development of potent enzyme inhibitors, both by design and by screening. We have a particular interest in the enzymes involved in the assembly and degradation of glycans, with applications ranging from glycoprotein and glycolipid assembly through development of antivirals to biomass conversion.


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Dr. Cara Haney

Microbial Communities

The Haney lab is interested in the genetic and metabolic factors that regulate assembly of host-associated microbial communities.


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