Proteomics Core Facility

The Proteomics Core Facility (PCF) offers a broad range of services including peptide mapping, database searches, SILAC and isotopic labeling for quantitation analyses, QC of peptide/oligonucleotide and protein samples, metabolomics/small molecule, post-translational modification detection, and enzymatic digestion of protein samples. Our current set of mass spectrometers includes Waters XEVO G2 Synap QTOF, Applied Biosystem’s Voyager DE STR MALDI-TOF, 4700 MALDI TOF TOF, 3 QStar QTOF ESI- LC MS/MSs, Thermo Triple Quad TSQ Vantage, Orbitrap LTQ-XL, LTQ-VELOS and LTQ- FTMS, Agilent 6460 Triple Quad and 6550 QTOF- both with ChipCube interfaces. Analyses on all of these mass spectrometers are available to corporations. We have the capacity to synthesize peptides in-house for the MRM/quantitative MS workflow. On the front end we also can offer computer imaging of 1-D and 2 D gels, Agilent 3100 OffGel liquid phase IEF, Bio-Rad micro ROTOFOR in addition to several off line preparative HPLCs.


In addition, the PCF provides training in operation of our ABI Voyager DE-STR MALDI TOF MS through our Long Term Collaborators (LTC) program. In this program, researchers are trained to independently run and obtain MALDI TOF spectra of peptides, proteins and small molecules from their own research labs and have the ability to use the web-based booking system to schedule time on the mass spectrometers. LTC clients are charged hourly rates that are extremely cost-effective. We are also open to collaborative projects on a case-by-case basis. Staff in the PCF is available for project planning and sample preparation in addition to general mass spectrometry scientific advice and consulting on a walk-in basis.


The CHiBi PCF would not be possible without the generous funding and support from the following: NSERC, CFI, MSL, LSI, BCPN, PENCE,  MSFHF, BCKDF, Agilent, Thermo Scientific,Waters Corporation and  UBC’s Vice President of Research Office.

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Funding of $2000 is available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in BC institutions who want to gain experience in a BCPN member laboratory. Funds cover the operating costs of the host laboratory.  In addition, up to $2000 is available for accommodation/travel of non-local recipients.


Reminder:  The deadline for receipt of applications in the current round of the BC Proteomics Network Undergraduate and Graduate/Postdoctoral Training program is Feb 28, 2014. This program will contribute $4000 towards undergraduate student training and cover training costs of up to $2000 for graduate students and postdocs in a BCPN proteomics laboratory. Please refer to the BCPN website for more information, and pass this information on to any students who may be interested in applying for these programs. The next round of funding for this opportunity will have deadlines of  June 30 and Oct 31st,  2014 and Feb 28, 2015.  The CHiBi Proteomics Core Facility is a BCPN-approved Training Supervisor who has been deemed eligible to train recipients of BCPN training programs.

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Core Facility Director:

Leonard Foster, Ph.D.
Director, Proteomics Core Facility
University of British Columbia
416-2125 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 CANADA

Email: foster at

Office: 604-822-8311  (Dr. Foster)
Lab: 604-827-5209  (PCF Lab)
Fax: 604-827-2603