5th Annual CHiBi/GSAT Retreat


The fifth annual CHiBi/GSAT retreat took place at UBC’s Loon Lake Research and Education Centre on October 2 & 3, 2014.

The retreat had a similar format as last year, with members from each of the interdisciplinary labs presenting posters rather than having the retreat be nearly two full days of seminars. This year we added a short presentation from each faculty member that summarized the research interests in his/her lab as well as the common techniques used.  And as usual, we didn’t forget the ever popular CHiBi retreat activity: CHiBi’s own version of Amazing Race.


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This year, our keynote Speaker was Dr. Georg Seelig from the University of Washington in Seattle. He gave an interesting talk on synthetic and quantitative biology, DNA nanotechnology, and the engineering of molecular circuits. You can read more about his research here.

Poster Competition

CHiBi trainees presented posters at the retreat and then we voted in a secret ballot for People’s Choice Award of Best Poster for each day of the retreat. The best posters for Day 1 were presented by Ali McAfee (Foster Lab), Adam White (Hansen Lab), and Judy Booth (Bohlmann Lab); Poster Day 2 prize winners were Shreejoy Tripathy (Pavlidis Lab), Michael VanInsberghe (Hansen Lab) and Carmen Bayly (Bohlmann Lab).

Reigning Amazing Race Champions

This year the Amazing Race teams competed in various events, including an Obstacle Course, Science Taboo, Science Headbandz, Name that PI, Scavenger Hunt, Graph/Node Challenge, Word Scramble, Puzzle Pieces and a Paper Airplane Challenge. Be sure to check out the photos. This year’s champion team, that won bragging rights for years to come, is: Keith Mewis (Hallam Lab), Nikolaus Fortelny (Pavlidis Lab), Lilah Toker (Pavlidis Lab), Gerard Chan (Mayor Lab), Amanda Van Haga (Foster Lab), and Dan Kehila (GSAT).


A big thank you to the CHiBi-GSAT Retreat organizing committee and volunteers:

Adam White (Hansen Lab), Patrizio Panelli (Mayor Lab), Nichollas Scott (Foster Lab), Xiaohua Zhang (Withers Lab), Matthew Minghay (Hirst Lab), Daniel Lai (Meyer Lab), Florian Heinkel (Gsponer Lab), Marjan Farahbod (Pavlidis Lab), Sophie Comyn (GSAT)

An equally big thank you to Joyce Huang for her heroic efforts in organizing car pools and accommodations for everyone.

Photo Credits: Daniel Lai (Meyer Lab)