CHiBi is an emerging, multidisciplinary group of investigators who develop and apply high-throughput methods in a variety of biological systems. We are located in the Network for Centres of Excellence (NCE) and Michael Smith Laboratories buildings on the UBC Point Grey campus in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

MISSIONTM shRNA libraries

  The Centre for High-Throughput Biology at UBC has recently acquired Sigma’s MISSION shRNA human and mouse whole-genome TRC shRNA libraries that consist of almost 200,000 pre-cloned shRNA vectors targeting more than 22,000 human and…

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NSERC funds High-Dimensional Bioinformatics graduate training program

  NSERC has awarded a CREATE grant to Centre for High-Throughput Biology’s professor, Dr. Paul Pavlidis, to fund a High-Dimensional Bioinformatics graduate training program.  The Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program is designed to improve the…

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Withers Lab in the news

  “Hang a unit of O-neg, stat!”     Words that are heard time and again on every medical drama on TV. Radio ads from Canadian Blood Services like to remind us that it can…

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NSERC Funds New Genome Science + Technology Graduate Programs at UBC

UBC has received generous support from NSERC’s CREATE Training Program to fund two new graduate programs in Genome Science + Technology. Details on the NSERC CREATE program can be found on the NSERC web site….

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